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About us

The Pyjama Patrol has a simple goal.  We want to give kids the comfort and security they deserve for a good night's sleep. The truth is, not every child has pyjamas to put on at night. Children in need may sleep in their clothes or nothing at all.


How was Pyjama Patrol created?

In 2015, we created the Pyjama Patrol and started our efforts assisting the Kanata Food Cupboard. Each year Kanata Food Cupboard help the families they serve get "adopted" at Christmas so the kids get gifts and Mom and Dad have food on the table.  Adding pyjamas was the perfect fit.  Pyjamas collected went into Christmas hampers with books, blankets, toothbrushes & toothpaste, food and other necessities. That year hampers were distributed to 440 Kanata families needing assistance thanks to the Kanata Food Cupboard's efforts and this amazing community. Every child received new pyjamas.....792 children to be exact. 

Knowing the potential of this collection through all the community support we received our first year, we began to reach out to other local organizations in need of pyjamas. We are proud to say we have supported over 25 local organizations, shelters, schools and hospitals, providing over 20,000 new pyjamas to families in need.

Are there other items needed/accepted?

We also accept new books, new socks, new underwear and toothbrushes/tubes of toothpaste. Please contact us at to arrange a pick up date and time or drop off your donation at one of our designated drop off locations.



 Warm pyjamas are needed for children ages 0-18. 



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