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Collection Sites


If you would like to have a collection with your staff, members and/or customers, let us know!  We will provide you with flyers to hand out out to inform everyone what you are doing.  We will also bring you a hamper(s) to store your donations. Collections can be a one day event or a week/month long collection. A Pyjama Patrol volunteer will pick up your donations.


You may also consider having a dress down day or a pyjama party.  Anyone that participates could be asked to bring in a pyjama donation or make a donation to go towards purchasing pyjamas.

SCHOOLS: We are looking for schools to have a pyjama day!  The "Hooray for PJ Day" school collection asks students to wear their jammies to school and bring in a new pair of pyjamas to be donated to PJP.  This entire school collection is led by students! Pyjama Patrol will provide the hampers (seen below) and a flyer (an electronic flyer for our green schools) to all schools participating.  We want to make this a fun and easy event for your school!

SPORTS TEAMS: We are looking for sports teams to wear pyjamas to a game! The "Playing for PJ's" program was created in 2019, when a team manager/hockey mom wanted to create a new fun way for kids to give back during the holidays.  Her team asked another team to play an exibition game, wear pj bottoms with their jersey's to the game and bring a new pair of pj's to donate.  This first time effort resulted in over 500 new pyjamas being donated to our project.  

This year not many teams are not having games, but the collection can still happen. Perhaps challenge another team or club to see who "scores" more pj's as a team before the holidays!


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